Usleep pregnancy pillow

  • To support side sleeping in pregnancy and feeding for infants

  • Designed by a Midwife and Childbirth Educator

  • Presently only available in New Zealand

  • Available from Wellington Birth Resources class and online

The U Sleep Pillow helps support pregnant mums to sleep in the recommended side lying position. This pillow has a section joining two long body type pillows at the top which reduce the need for having lots of pillows in your bed that need to be rearranged.

There are two body type pillow cases which have either two or one small pillow within each, they are not wide so this still allows room in the bed.

The pillow was designed to support pregnant women to lie on their side, but can be used by anyone to support side sleeping for other reasons. Snoring can reduce when side sleeping.

About the pillow


Within the two long body type pillows are two pillows, this allows for easier adjustment to make yourself comfortable on your side. The long version enables the bottom section to go between your legs and support your hips.

To convert to an infant feeding pillow remove one pillow from either pillow case, so that only small pillow is in each, tuck in the pillow case.

Place one pillow across the breastfeeding mothers thigh and one behind her back.


  • Pillow case 100% cotton

  • Pillow cover 100% polypropylene

  • Pillow filling polyester fibre

  • Not flame retardant

Care instructions for pillow case:

Warm/cold machine wash
Do not bleach or dry clean
Tumble-dry low on delicate cycle
Warm iron

Spot clean only, not recommended for machine wash
Read all safety information before use.

Keep plastic packaging out of reach of infants and children.
U Sleep Pillow is intended for adult use only.

Comments from a pregnant woman who has used the Usleep Pregnancy Pillow:


"Historically I have had major back injuries and with my pregnancy as I grew bigger my pain became much worse. The first night I had this pillow I had the best sleep of my whole pregnancy.

It changed my nights immediately.

I was able to move comfortably and safely between the pillows and adjust the height to fit my body. The pillow gave me the support I needed to tilt my body so that I was on my left. Loved it.

Best of all, my poor husband was not swallowed up by pillows. The pillow was slim enough that he didn't even know it was there. Also, I have been using the pillow to support Noah feeding.

It's really good."

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