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Teaching Aids

As educators we like to share information with people in our classes. I believe it is important to share information, ideas, and resources between educators also. Thus I have put together Childbirth Educators Resources.

Some of the ideas are gained from others; some of them are my own thoughts. Like a recipe book often has many recipes use the same ingredients with slight alterations to suite our own tastes. Use this resource in the same manner... to inspire your own creative teaching style.

I have not kept references from where all these ideas have come from. If you wish to add information or be referenced to anything please contact me.


"Knowledge that is kept to one person is eventually lost."


The Birth Resources Teaching Aids must be purchased from the provider. Forms with birth resources copyright can be copied as long as they are not altered and birth resources remains on them; and used in the classes of the person who has purchased them. Any forms or content from birth resources web site must not be passed onto other educators without consent from the provider.


Neither Helen Pulford or Denise Garcia nor any person associated with Birth Resources accepts any responsibility for the information provided or for any loss, damage or harm of any nature whatsoever, however caused, as a result of any person relying on any part of the information and disclaims all liability for any such loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with, such information.
Information is provided for general information purposes only and in all cases any information is not a substitute for professional medical or midwifery care. You should always seek the advice of your doctor or health professional for any concerns you may have regarding a medical condition.

Pictures: Stages of Labour, Copied with permission from University Health Care (University of Utah)


Contents written by Helen Pulford are Copyright BabyWebNZ.
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Denise Garcia (CBE, Midwife, previous supervisor Aoraki Polytechnic Childbirth Education Course)

Teaching Aids

In the body of the Educators Resource section there are references to teaching aids. These are referenced by (Teaching Aid Section, to download the cards for this refer to merchandise section, click here) and the number of what they related to. The teaching aid section can be copied and used in your classes if you are the person who has purchased them.

Birth Resources plans to put this information also on disc for purchase if you cannot print direct from your own PC. If you would like a printed copy sent to you please fill in the form noting which teaching aids you would like copies of and your address. These will be posted to you after payment has been confirmed.

Otherwise copies can be purchased direct from the merchandise page.

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