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Optimal Fetal Positioning

Article by Helen Pulford

Birth has a physical, emotional and mental side to it. There is nature and a bit of science involved. Psychics tell us that there is such a thing as gravity, and maths tells us about shape and sizes. Our heads aren’t a perfect round shape and that there are diameters that are larger than others and our pelvis has certain diameters also. Thus the baby must manoeuvre to fit through the pelvis. I had someone tell me once gravity plays no part, woman could push a baby out if they were doing a handstand. Interesting concept, but I haven’t seen any births on Youtube demonstrating this, so I stick to my belief that a upright position helps.


Article by Helen Pulford

With my second child I wasn't so stressed about getting her to sleep during the night. During her day sleeps I managed to catch up on missed sleep by having a nap at the same time. I hadn't done that with my first child.... I used to run around trying to tidy the house, cook do washing.... all the superwoman stuff. Then get up at night to feed. Of course I crashed after awhile with exhaustion.

Postnatal Depression (PND)

Article by Helen Pulford

Most parents have some tearful days, it is hard work looking after a new baby. Sometimes you will feel exhausted and overwhelmed. You may feel you don't get much time to yourself and sometimes feel lonely if you are unable to get out of the house. It is normal to have "bad days" but it is different if "every day is a bad day" then it is important to talk to someone.

Baby Names

Article written by Helen Pulford

What to name your baby? One of the many decisions parents have to make.

Ways of Coping with Morning Sickness

Denise Garcia, Midwife and Childbirth Educator, mother of six discusses ways of coping with Morning Sickness.

"The main key to cope with morning sickness is to try eating before getting out of bed..."

With Dad

Article written by Helen Pulford - Mum, Midwife and Childbirth Educator.

"Birth is holistic it is not just physical it is emotional and spiritual. People present who are important to the labouring woman are part of this. Fathers may not have carried the baby but they helped create them."


Article written by Helen Pulford - Mum, Midwife and Childbirth Educator.

"I have had it said to me that babies are all the same. I disagree with this they are all individual human beings with their own unique appearance and personality. They do generally have similar physical needs and development which is good to have some knowledge about."

Breathing in Labour

Another article written by Helen Pulford - Mum, Midwife and Childbirth Educator.

"Some people will say that you need to learn to breath for labour and others will say that you find on the day the best way to breath and learning techniques before hand will only confuse you."

Cord Blood Banking

"Cord blood banking is where umbilical cord blood is collected at birth and is stored. It is done by using a needle inserted into the cord and drawing it out into a syringe. It is then stored in liquid nitrogen. In this cord blood is stem cells which can be used for stem cell transplant for the treatment of some diseases. Most of these diseases are rare, the one most referred to is leukemia."

Early Pregnancy

"Being pregnant or becoming a parent is a whole new world filled with lots of questions, dos and don'ts and conflicting advice. I hope this article with help with some of your questions."

Having Another Baby

"How can I love another child as much as the first?"... your heart expands.

Infant and Child Health

"Although we never want it to happen, children and infants do have medical emergencies. These can be very stressful, especially if you are not sure what to do. Knowing how to react, and where to start, are key in keeping calm and doing the right thing."

Parental Leave and Budget

"There are many things you think of when you have a new baby and one of these can are the costs involved. I have collated some web sites, which provide information on entitlements, assistance and budgeting."

Pregnancy Health Practices

"During pregnancy our bodies adapt to changes in spinal curves and hormonal effects. Today, we recognise that pregnancy makes physical and emotional demands on you, and exercise is one way to help you stay as healthy as possible. A well-balanced exercise programme can minimize the discomforts typically associated with pregnancy and may allow for an easier delivery of the baby with a faster post-natal recovery."

Support Services

"Sometimes being a parent can feel isolating and overwhelming. Sheila Kitzinger made this quote about what it is like to be a mother "to take on one of the most emotionally and intellectually demanding, exasperating, strenuous, anxiety-arousing and deeply satisfying tasks that any human being can undertake" this applies also to fathers"


"While we live in the North Island my family is in Southland and my husband's are in Wales so in order to visit it has meant travelling. I have only had to do this with two children so I'm unsure how others cope with more."

Warning Signs

"There are times when there can be concerns about the health of the mother, baby or both. It is always important to inform the person responsible for your maternity care (LMC) or Hospital if you are worried. I have listed some of the things that need to be reviewed if they happen during pregnancy."

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